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The Morale Officers:

Phoebe the Morale OfficerPhoebe the Morale Officer
Phoebe has been playing a supporting role in all my ventures for the past 11 years. She has the most seniority.  She provides endless hours of companionship, and with enough encouragement, she will fetch me certain items, like squeeky balls and chewy toys.  Neither of those items are tools of the trade, but I appreciate the offerings. Sometimes a little distraction is good.
Kang the Morale OfficerKang the Morale Officer
Kang was hired just before the launch of the QSB, and is still learning the ropes. He's supportive on occasion, when he actually feels like showing up for work.  He's the shy, quiet type but he's excellent at demanding attention.  I hear petting animals is a good form of stress-relief.

The Micro Manager:

Dax the Micro ManagerDax the Micro Manager

She was brought on at the same time as Kang, but very quickly assumed the role of Micro Manager. It was too disruptive having her constantly looking over my shoulder, so I had to ask her to please go work in another room. I don't know what she does all day, but I have yet to see her actually do any work.


The Packing Clerk:

Amanda and ShawnShawn as drawn by Kevin
This joker (the one sticking out his tongue at me in the photo on the left) has been at the ready as my occasional angel investor for 7 years. His chief role since the launch of the QSB is to sort mini clips by colour and put labels on boxes.

President and all other Tasks:

The PresidentAmanda Elias
As president of this enterprise, I wear the rest of the hats that aren't occupied by my team.  I'm the fabric curator, the tutorial designer and writer, the fabric cutter, the box preparer, the web guru, the email and social media personality, and a whole host of other activities.  I teach sewing on occasion but my full-time occupation is sending you your monthly dose of quilting fun!